She tumbled relentlessly with the swirling waves
The rhythmic percussion her favorite melody
You could see her glistening as the white fringes rose
Her figure and her hue distorted in the depth
She holds tightly to every over pronounced arch
Refusing to accept her destiny with every waving roar
Lying on the outskirts of the foaming bank
She bears her twisting tapers and pearlescent curves
With sand castles cascading at their feet, no one stops to see
Children sift through stones and run from the jellyfish swept ashore
Lying on the outskirts of the foaming bank
She isn’t what they search for but she would never sting
As they run into the water, she’s buried away beneath the sand
With flecks of silver and gold
Another lifts her up above his head
She catapults into the depths landing effortlessly
Her edges fraying with the days
Her gleam erased by the salt and sun
Undulating, she’s back to mingle with the crusted weeds
Suddenly he stops, admiring the ridges of her remaining fragments
He looks to the horizon
Breathes in the end of summer
And carries her home


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