At A Loss

How do you explain the fashion in which the crisp breeze
wraps around the slender figure of a skater
As she pirouettes atop the freshly polished ice
Whipping her body like a snake around its prey
To one that’s never stepped into a pair of skates
Laced tight around their ankles
or seen the light reflect across the surface of the rink?

How do you explain the feeling of soil, trapped beneath your fingernails
Hands stained brown, muggy and smelling of the earth
Back hunched as sweat drips from every pore
To one that hasn’t waited for the rain
to ease the sweltering heat of the midday sun
or lived through taxing toil?

How do you explain home to someone that wakes up to a new view outside their bedroom window every few months?
Or to someone who knows that for them, there is neither a house nor home?
Where friends are figments from stories they’ve heard
And the only constant is the shirt they acquired years ago
And no amount of smiles or spare change will repaint the scenery

How do you explain the absence of worry and fear to someone that fights to suppress their anxious monsters?
When counting sheep keeps their mind sharp and more aware of their own heartbeat
When after every wave of splendor, they prepare for pangs of peril
Because too good to be true is just so

How do you explain unrequited love to someone that has never felt the loss?
Holding fresh coffee in your hands
Staring at the door for the moment
they’ll arrive to take another sip of you
You’ve run dry

How do you explain the weight of the world to someone that’s never held it on their shoulders?
Boulders bearing travesties that break your levees
Leaving you bare to bathe in tragedy

How do I explain my dreams to someone that has long forgotten to lift the brush and paint their own?
The strokes used to be so vivid
You could see the stardust from which they had been born

But most importantly, how do you remind someone that turned their back on life
That their dream was once filled with most ideal landscapes
With freeing breaths and winds pushing with their current


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