Transient Travesties

He tells me this is temporary
It’s just a warped piece of your mind
He tells me drink the water
You’ll be fine in just due time

He tells me stop your pondering
Write it just to burn it down
But flames just torch the fragments
The memory is whole and mine

So I dance again, just like a child
Knowing night will come here soon
Press my fingers on the keys
Thinking they’ll transfer me to you

But my words, they throw such tantrums
I’ve lost the strength now to be idle
I envy when I was your idol

So another season starts and I push back the time
Pretending that you live with me, on mine
Walking with head high and my optimistic smile
But like the sun, peaking from buildings
I hide in the corners of my maze

I don’t think it’s temporary
Because light no longer seems to scatter
Yes, I drank to water
Something stronger I would rather

He tells me stop your pondering
Make a choice, right here, right now
Do you want what you have asked for
Or are you wronging all your rights?

Look at the map from which you’ve started
See how far it is you’ve come
Or if you’d trade your soul for gold
Who would you rather you become?


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