You took away my drug at the height of the addiction
Pondering the loss of you is now my new affliction
Making lists of times we’ve shared to decipher fact from fiction
Imagining your lips on mine, my favorite form of friction

I finally explained to my lips
what it meant when you said
I’m just stopping by
Perplexed they responded
we like the taste
of something more permanent

They curled
unpacking each syllable
and whispered
Stay a while


We build up fortresses around us
to shelter us
from the wrath
of those who may aim to tear us down

Eyes grow green with contempt
as they bitterly adjust their gaze
for those that soar
oh how envy does erode

Would it be so ludicrous
to relinquish paranoia
and empower one another
to bloom knowing no bounds

For revolution rests on wings
Of predecessors
blind to barriers
fearless and yearning to be lifted


Sometimes you look at me like I’m one of the biggest parts of your world. Yet, when the butterflies land, swaying only with the wind, I too realize I am often dragged by the current. Soon the seasons will change, the air will be full of stillness, and while I’ll still see my refection in your eyes, it will be microscopic. Darling your world is far too vast and I am lost as I do flutter, because even the biggest parts never add up to a whole.

Cabinet of Curiosities

I chose a night to start things over
and in a sea of jaded faces
I erased my own chronology
Becoming indecipherable I wove a world of mad indulgence
Lost in my paradise of animalistic fervor
You conjured a festival for me
with ruby elixir flowing over
from the rhythmic explorations
Staining satin like the prints left on the moon
You warmed my inhibitions and tempted all the sprites
Among the Elements we forged our chrysalis
As jays with sapphire wings circled around our heads
Breaking free, we dipped our toes into liquid majesty
The rippling reaction outrunning our breaths
as the silhouettes grasped the supple branches
Flirting in the vines with pomegranate lips
We panted prayers not to repeat
But crimson rose with velvet petals
Could not hide us from the beasts
In my Garden of Earthly Delights
The sun did set and the birds turned black
The city walls drew shadows over golden eyes
Our chalices of self-indulgence marked by fingerprints
Catalogued our sins
Calling forth the demons who were here before us
They were promised passion and delicacy
The heart surmounts the mind
And just the same, you made a puppet out of me

“Some people relate their insides to a war or tragedy taking place – one they can not win. I don’t see it that way. I feel that the war is around us, and our souls are the quiet aftermath where a soldier walks around with his ears ringing and too much trauma to feel anything at all.”

– Brianna Pastor, Stop Chasing Ghosts